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Hey, myself Shantanu sinha.

I am 21 years of age, who belongs from Ranchi, Jharkhand and going through my college life. As I am, a normal boy from the middle class family who loves his mom and, gradually wants to have a well settled live. So frankly speaking that could be the best possibilities for the future that I am going to seek out. I love to play cricket as if every Indian does that, I also have represented cricket at different platforms including the gully cricket we play. In spite of that I love to cook food, means yeah I am ok with that cooking word too.

Shantanu Sinha

Shantanu Sinha

Like others I too have dreams, wish one day they could be come true. I also love to hang around a lot and discover new places. Just like a wandering soul, I love to travel. Friends are something which really matters for me; I love to hand around with them and some things which are left behind are sweet memories which would be with you forever I believe.

Recently I have been indulge in blogging work which I seek through that it’s great to be active on social media and also for sharing and gaining of knowledge which never goes in vain. You interact with different people across the globe who shares you ideology and many helps could be seek through them. It is fun doing for as I love to interact more with the people.

Despite of these as I am a youngster, some speed cars could really drive me out crazy like anything else. Means who don’t want to have luxurious cars nowadays in this very fast moving globe. Now days the car companies exactly knows what cars to make which could be out sell in numbers. They know the needs, of us that why they are intending in making now days super cars. Yeah definitely these super cars are also something that would be really big upon my pocket, but yeah having knowledge and knowing what are the trendiest vehicles don’t sound me wrong. Now day’s brands like Audi, BMW, Mercedes, etc are leaving high impacts on the market of our country too. I love to drive some really fast cars which could really ragged out through the roads, imagine going as fast as lightning. The value of these super cars is dealt in millions and billions but they are featured like for the worth of yours and would not get to cry upon your single penny you spent on them. Yeah but it’s the choice which you want to make and according to your pocket you can pick up a luxury car of yours.