Is Lamborghini Avantador your favorite Super Car?

There are many brands, starting with Audi, Volkswagen, Ferrari etc. but there is something about the Lamborghini that I like it over the rest.

Unless you are a fan of a particular brand – you can’t say which is the best – because they all are.

All super cars have a few things in common. They are fast. They are expensive. And they are cool!

Talking about Lamborghini specifically, it has several models for example, Murcielago, Gallardo, Huracan.

So what makes Avantador so special?

Everyone likes it.

Lamborghini Avantador

Lamborghini Avantador

Yes, the Lamborghini Avantador is the biggest crowd puller. Women wants to take a ride, men like to take pictures, kids love it! There is simply no match for this model as far as the audience is concerned.

The Avantador 6.5 liter V-12 engine is pretty strong with 691 horse power. This allows it to reach a not to sixty in less than three seconds. That pretty much makes it one of the fastest cars on the planet and also the fact that 217 Miles per hour is its top speed.

The Avantador is mostly made of carbon fiber and is pretty low in height, however that does not reduce its weight much. At over 1678 KG the Avantador is pretty heavy.

Quick facts about the Lamborghini Aventador that you might not know:

  • The code name for the Avantador was LB834
  • It was first launched on the 28th February, 2011
  • The Italian designer named Filippo Perini designed the Avantador
  • Like all other Lamborghini models, the Avantador too was named after a bull that fought bravely in Saragossa, Spain
  • Only 4000 Avantador units will be made.

On the down side the Avantador is pretty wide and big. This is a serious issue if you are trying to get a parking space or trying your way out through narrow lanes. And surely it’s mileage isn’t great at all.

However, you are buying a four hundred thousand dollars super car. Am pretty sure you don’t want to worry about mileage.

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