Myself Shantanu Sinha, and here’s 20 Things you don’t know about me

Hello friends!

Myself Shantanu Sinha. A new blogger who has just started out in this wild blogospher, trying to find my way around and working hard on making my blog popular and famous.

Its being viral on social media sites, to share about the things which you do not know about yourself. It is going to be kind of fun sharing moments and a bit which could make ashamed of the things you did it in the past. Never matters who you are and if there is a smile on your face the things would never are going to be in the wrong way.

Shantanu Sinha

Shantanu Sinha

I am a boy of 21 years of age and would be turning out to be 22 in March. The journey so far has been quite like a rollercoaster for me during this time of 21 years, seriously I think have done many things which I need to consolidate upon once. Thus throughout this time span, I have done some of the creepy things along with keeping a daft hearted person along within myself although I am very shy at nature when I would be first to meet you but there still something crazy and wildness that helps me in building some good bonds with the people I have met so far. There are certain things I would like to share which I never did else except my mother, yeah I share almost everything with her and the faith she shows up on me, gives me the strength to lead it to the front in spite of the ups and down. I am going to share certain things that probably anyone would know about me:

1 – When I was in the primary school, I used to be a little bit of overweight and due to that my friends often used to make fun of myself around in the school and the neighborhood. Still I was the best cutest boys they loved to play around with me as I tend to be the naughtiest boy amongst them all. Frankly speaking, thus I not remembered a lot about those days of my life. Everybody loved me and no one ever hated, probably trying to use imagination about that time.

2 – Though we leaved that city at the age of 9, probably when I was in grade 6th. All the memories where stuck out there, as the childhood memories and friends were gone. I thought there would be no more friends that would be coming out in my life any more. But the teen age was waiting for me to come up by. New city, new people and almost I spent 6 months of my crying for the previous one which were left behind. You know how it is during your child hood days to move ahead. But I was forgetting that I was going to be young yet of these all.

3 – So carrying on to my new city where I have shifted. Yeah from the starting, it takes me a bit of time, to interact with the people surrounding me. Regarding this I have spent most of the time along with my friends. From very early stage I was boosted for the outdoor games likes’ cricket and football. This was the gifted talent which had been transferred to me from my father, as he was a good cricketer and he kept on giving me training to be perfect at my skills. The new school offered a lot of game facilities and since I am from India everyone in their teens want to be cricketer. Yeah I loved playing video games, means wonder if the kids of 90’s didn’t enjoy playing to that. The games cassettes and the collection were like a trend to store and show among your friends.

As I showed up my sporting skills there were lot of friends that I would have earlier in this new city, truly speaking I began to like this city pretty much. I hated to study much, seriously my mom would make me up in the morning around 4’o clock, according to her the things we study during that time are transferred directly to our minds. Seriously every morning I was used to wake up and study for 3 hours and then get going ready for school.

4 – I hated to do maths, I still can’t able to get why was this so important to do maths and be good at it. Keeping it apart, the good thing that happened to me that I was selected for the school cricket team and makes some good friends who were something the best that happened to me.

5 – That part knocked for me too, which almost every teen is get hit by, attraction toward someone. Seriously I never thought of getting close nor talking to any girl as they was kind of myth according as per teen thinkology. Not talking about much that never lasted enough long, thus I felt like how it feels of being heartbroken for the first time. Almost this happens to every one of us during their teen time.

6 – I was terrified from my childhood of public speaking, and it takes me a lot of time to overcome that fear. As I was going to be enter in the secondary school life means that pretend to be a fully matured adult and getting in the wrong acts which had taken place during my process of getting fully matured. I was addicted towards getting alcoholic as the friends surrounding me were generally liked to get drunk and yeah I also get that darker side upon me. It also affected the playing avatar of mine and I dropped out playing cricket at the pro level, as the pressure of studies and everything rose up like a wall. But yeah this sport always has a corner in my heart and I am ready to gear up for this all the time.

7 – A huge friend’s circle was made out for me in the new city, which sometimes get going for the main reason for my mom to worry upon, as I was getting things done in a wrong matter and troubled out my parents most of the times, because of my activities and tended to be more violated and began to get wild, which could have been taken me on to a darker path. You don’t know how these Indian societies are like; huh nothing could be more sarcastic than that.

8 – I am daft romantic. I would not be mentioning here what things I did in the name of love but yeah every time got indulged into a relationship, it totally got messed up. Do not know the reason but yeah somewhere it was my fault and sometimes it didn’t. But I am definitely daft romantic at heart. I have always taken Lord #Shiva as my inspiration and he had always enlightened me with the right path to choose upon when I really needed to get focused on get going. I always would be praising Lord Shiva for showing me the right path on get going.

9 – Lastly the school life was over, the friends with whom I grew up so long where all meant to be shattered in just a moment, everyone wanted to choose their paths for get going, the childhood days were seems to be over and know it was like we were to be thrown out there in the selfish world. One thing I learned throughout this whole time was people will stay for a while and go, you have to carry on your own through rest of the fight. So never tempt to lose your hope and with a smile on your face keep moving forward.

10 – I am true Barcelona fan and never tend to miss out to any of their game; hope could see them real live sitting around in any corner of the world. As the things which I gone through with my school life, the things I shared with my mom. Yeah she never stopped me from doing anything but yeah all she said was never keep yourself wrong and keep going, the world is like a freak out there, so it is a need to be little sassy among the all. She has always been my first love and an inspiration for me. The world’s most beautiful girl I have ever known i.e. my MOM.

11- Despite of all these, never forget to assure that I am food prone person. I love to eat and keep on eating the same thing which didn’t keep me satisfied. Some of the favorite food I love is the curry, roasted chicken, kidney beans cook with thick gravy, prawn cocktails and some good food cooked by my mom.

12 – As it was my time for leaving my parents for the college studies and get to stay in the city which I have only seen through pictures. Yeah I traveled a lot since my school days only as was sent out for playing cricket but that was something other than this. But was really excited to go out all alone, to see and gain the knowledge how to work according to the conditions and was ready to set go off.

13 – I seriously don’t like following the rules, so it’s kind a bit harder to lock me down up in a cage. Afterwards I loved to travel a lot and explore new places and mainly I also wanted to seek out the tasty food everywhere I went off. But I didn’t have to go abroad but have traveled a lot in India. Places which I really worth of going there are Sikkim, Kullu Manali, Ladakh mainly I prefer going to the mountains, hope it seems to act like a peace therapy, just so alone and cutting off from the noisy world.

14 – The college life was also full of challenges and what a moment of three years being spent over there. Quality of time that I have spent there would always be preserved in my heart. Those were the days, hard work for ever pays. Hope to see all my friends whom I made throughout my life to meet up at a better place. Things do went wrong with your buddies but that’s a part, for which you care and love the most, sometimes – time take a test for testing the temperaments of judging the person, but it is now done and ended up all well.

15 – When I found a song I like, I keep on the repeat mode unless and until the lyrics are being captured upon my mind. Then I used to sing that song unless and until I am getting bore to that and the search for the new one begins.

16 – During my childhood, means when I was in secondary classes, I used to give tuition for the smaller kids and then realize how difficult it would have been for my parents and teachers who used to make us teach that time. Seriously it’s something really challenging.

17 – When it comes about bikes, they drive out the craziest side of myself, they just get me going and going until I am asked to give up to it. They seem to be like my girlfriend’s who won’t ditch you and go out

18 – I eat just super fast, as when going for an outing with friends; I have to slow my speed so that I couldn’t just eat away my meal in just few minutes. I always wonder my friends how they just finish up with a bowl of noodles which takes them at least half an hour to complete whereas I see it just a thing which could be done out in few minutes.

19 – I get to bore with things, thus always wants to keep changing them, mainly with my hairstyles, they got their whole new look after just two to three months. The main thing which I cared a lot about what others think of me rather than what I think of myself. Never thought that much that this ideology is good or what, but it is just about your mind-set and your thinkology.

20 – Thus have yet experienced through my age this far, and there is a lot of things coming up for me as I am just 21 now, so hope the rest also bring me the best with little bit of challenges though it is necessary as it leaves behind a lesson to learn from your faults and past.

Conclusion – Thank you for reading all the way through. One thing I learned is that there would be so many people around you, in every aspect of life; you cannot please every one of them and you can’t be like giving your all too all the peoples you know. They would come and go, it’s you who is going to carry the whole journey all along yourself, so live the moment and create some great memories all through your life. I am really thanking to my readers for taking out the time to read about me, and appreciate your support.

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  1. Joy Healey says:

    Hi Shantanu

    Welcome to the world of blogging, and I hope you will be very successful.

    Interesting to read about your life’s journey to date and I hope you this will be the start of a new and successful chapter for you.

    I don’t know much about cars, but you are very wise to have chosen a topic that you’re interested in. As you track down other car bloggers you will be able to exchange meaningful comments with each other and that helps you in Google’s eyes. Having the CommentLuv plugin installed will also help you. There’s a free version and a paid version, so you can start with the free one until you’re earning money from your blog.

    I have learned a lot about blogging since I started out, and if you’re facing a challenge, there’s a fair chance I’ve made a similar mistake too, so do check back on my blog for more tips.

    Well done for getting your blog started and I wish you much success with it,

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

    • CarSieve says:

      Hey Joy,

      Thank you for your comment and welcome to CarSieve,

      thank you for your well wishes, I really appreciate it. Hopefully, in time – CarSieve will be popular and successful.

      Glad to know that you liked my journey so far,

      Surely, will keep checking your blog for more blogging tips. I have only just started blogging and I guess there is plenty to learn and everything from here on is a learning curve.

      – Shantanu

  2. Hi Shantanu,

    Cool breakdown! A Barca fan, eh? Way neat. They win all the time. Fun program/team to follow with amazing players. I like watching Neymar, since he burst onto the scene with the Brazilian national team. You’re on your way to success my friend. Keep creating, networking and hey, keep on having fun!

    Thanks for sharing and for commenting on my blog. Appreciate it 🙂


    • Shantanu Sinha says:

      Hello Ryan
      Thanks for your comment and welcome to CarSieve ,
      Indeed Neymar is full packed energy player and Barca is all time favourite team to follow on.
      Thanks for your wishes, it really means a lot for me. Hope CarSieve will be popular and successful with time.
      Glad you like my journey so far, as I am new in this area. Motivation from your side really tempted a confidence boost up inside me. 🙂
      I will keep visiting your blog, as I got plenty of things to learn from there and will surely be in future too.
      Thanks 🙂

  3. Hi Shantanu,

    Good to visit your blog and know more about you 🙂

    We do share a few things in common – hate maths and public speaking! Yes, college life is fun and the friend’s you make during those days are for keeps, isn’t it? You like sports as I can make out, so that should make you health conscious too.

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday for tomorrow, as I see 22nd as the date here! Thanks for sharing more about you with us and keep writing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

  4. Shantanu Sinha says:

    Hello Harleena Mam,

    Thanks for your comment and welcome to CarSieve.
    Glad that you find out my blog and liked it. Yeah maths was something, that kept on bouncing over my head
    every time I used to sit with it. Public speaking has always been a tough challenge for me. Yeah but know I have over come that fear 🙂
    College friends are things to keep for a lifetime. They are like gems in our lives.
    Thank you Mam for your wishes on my birthday. Your blessings were precious thing to have. 🙂
    Hope my site CarSieve will be popular and successful with time.

    I will keep on visiting your site, they taught me lot of things since I entered into the world of blogging.
    You are such an inspiration for others like me out there. There is plenty to learn for me.
    Glad you liked my journey so far.
    Thanks 🙂
    – Shantanu

  5. Hi Shantanu,
    I enjoyed my first visit to your blog and learning more about you. It seems you have learned a great deal in your young life so far but also have a sensible plan in the way you want your life to turn out.

    Welcome as a blogger and looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    • Shantanu Sinha says:

      Hello Monna,

      Thanks for commenting and welcome to CarSieve 🙂
      Glad you find out my blog and liked it.
      Yeah time and life are something, which made us learnt a lot of things as they passes on.
      Something like great teachers who always teaches us something very important.
      I loved to be a part of the blogging world and frankly speaking, there is lot of things to learn
      and utilized for being successful.

      I would keep visiting your blog, as there are plenty of things to be learned, as I am a newbie in this area.
      Glad you likes my journey so far 🙂
      Thank you

  6. Hi Shantanu
    welcome to the blogger world .
    Nice to read about you . Your experience is right ,
    we cannot please everybody and we do not have to 🙂
    The most important thing is to be yourself and if you are
    a devotee of Shiva ji , you know Har Har Mahadev everybody
    is a creator of his life. Be you ,find your true self and go after
    your vision even if you feel like a misfit. welcome to the club.
    Wishing you success

    • Shantanu Sinha says:

      Hello Erika ,

      Thanks for commenting and welcome to CarSieve.
      Glad that you find out my blog and liked it 🙂

      Indeed, we need to be least focus on what others are thinking about us and
      give the best, in what we are doing. We are not here to make any one please, just we need to stick to our

      Yeah I am a devotee of Lord Shiva. He is the creator of all.
      Your motivation means a lot for me. As I need to learn from you people, so that it could help me
      achieving my dreams.

      I would keep visiting your Blogs, as there is plenty of things that I need to learn from there.
      Thank you for making me a part of yours Blogging world. 🙂

      Har Har Mahadev
      Thank you
      Shantanu Sinha

  7. Emmanuel says:

    Hello Shantanu,

    This is indeed the chronicles of Shantanu. Carefully reading yourself in 20 things, we seem to have a lot in common. Mathematics beyond addition,subtraction,multiplication and division is something my brain can’t handle.

    I’m a Real Madrid fan though. Hahaha!

  8. Shantanu Sinha says:

    Hello Emmanuel,

    Thanks for commenting and welcome to CarSieve.

    Glad that you find out my post and liked it. 🙂

    Great to know that we are having huge things in common, Cheers 🙂
    Mathematics was something that was not my cup of tea, except addition, subtraction and some what like

    Real Madrid and Barca are the best two teams to watch out for, as so many of legends are both in there.
    The quest between these two are more than a football match. 😉

    I would keep visiting you blog, as there are so many things which I could grab from there.
    Thank you
    Shantanu sinha

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